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Educational Videos

Ventilation 101

Proper Home Ventilation is essential to preserving the value of your home as well as preserving a healthy indoor environment for everyone inside. Learn how ventilation can impact your home, negatively and positively.

Top 5 Home Maintenance Tips

Protect the people and things you love, while preserving the value of your home, with these easy home maintenance tips that have true ROI.

Everything You NEED to Know (But May Not WANT to Know!) About Termites

Termites are responsible for significant property damage each year. Learn about the different types of termites, treatment options and prevention strategies.

How Infrared Technology Works and Its Application To Home Inspections

Learn how infrared aids the home inspector in identifying defects and areas of concern, and its benefits to homebuyers, sellers and REALTORS.

Safety Defects Found During Home Inspections That Are Especially Dangerous For Children

In addition to evaluating the function of your home’s major systems and components, Inspect-It 1st home inspectors will also bring attention to any safety issues with the property. Watch this video to learn about some of the top home risks for children.

Understanding Your Home Inspection Report

Inspect-It 1st is known for our industry-leading inspection report. Learn about the primary sections and features, and get a glimpse of what you’ll receive as our client.

How To Select a Home Inspector

With so many options out there, how do you identify and select the best home inspector? Learn about the key criteria you should evaluate before making his important decision