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Useful Links - The American Society of Home Inspectors website providing information for Buyers/Sellers, Real Estate Agents, and Home Inspection Professionals. - The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission website where you can research recalls, report an unsafe product, and research reports for selected consumer products. - Learn how to do any home project yourself, search product information, and participate in open discussion forums. - An informative page on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency website regarding risks, testing, and other information about the cancer-causing gas; Radon. - Shop for over 30,000 products and services and visit the 'Know How' pages to learn troubleshooting and do it yourself projects for your home - Homeminders builds a personalized maintenance plan, sends monthly reminders, and allows a place to keep your household inventory list. - Shop for over 50,000 household items and visit the 'Project Center' how to guides, buying guides, and interactive design tools. - Search for advice on home repair, home improvements, and many do-it-yourself projects - Discussion and advice forum for dynamic plumbing, piping, kitchen and bath information. - Real Estate and Mortgage Resources that includes buying, selling, values, calculators, and "how to" guides. - The National Association of Realtors website with Real Estate Marketing Tools and Agent Resources. - Your ultimate resource to home repair, local contractors, and open discussion forums. - Search homes for sale and compare to others in your city, get real estate guides, see trends, and share information with the online community. - Shop for and order all utilities for your home including electricity, gas, phone, cable, satellite, internet, and other services. - Online Real Estate services providing information for Buyers, Sellers, Owners, and Professionals.